Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 days of clinging to the God of Hope

This is 31 days of clinging to the God of Hope

31 posts.  31 opportunities to share what He has done.  31 ramblings that I pray will point you closer to Him.

Each day I'll be linking up the next day as it goes live, so eventually the whole series will be gathered together ready for you to click away!

Here we go.  My first try at 31 Days with The Nester

 I'm excited and nervous, and excited, and nervous.  I've kept a blog for our family, for the keeping of our story, for 5 plus years.  But now my husband with his much savvier skills has created for me this brand new space.  This space to share what God has done, what God will do, and the heart of mine that He is ever changing.

A heart that that reveals an inner disposition.

So welcome as I spend the next month sharing how through a difficult, but important part of my story, God taught me how to cling to Him when everything seems to blow up around you, and knowing that whatever is happening, beneath it all, there is Hope.


  1. I love your topic and wish to follow along on this wonderful do I join up? I cannot see a place to subscribe. Email me please;

    1. Thank you for your comment and for wanting to follow along! I thought I had put the right subscribe gadget on the page but maybe not so I'm (and by I I mean my husband) checking into it and I'll email you when it's ready to go!