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He never leaves us nor forsakes us.  It's seriously true.  I've been sharing about my past year and how God taught me to cling tighter to Him than ever.  Tighter to the Hope He provides.  Even when everything seems to be blowing up around you.  Not only do we have Him and His Son and The Holy Spirit, but we have things right here with us in arms' reach that help us cling to Him as well.  I shared about reading His Word.  I shared about communicating with Him in prayer.  I shared about writing it all down,  in however OCD way you may do it.  Today I share about community.

We were created to long for something other than ourselves.  We were created to share our thoughts and hearts, our time and space, our burdens and our joys with others because two are better than one...if they fall one will lift up their fellow.  (Ecc. 4:9)

One of my favorite stories in the bible is in the book of Mark.  Jesus was speaking at someone's home and a few men brought their friend, who was paralyzed, to the house because they knew Jesus could heal him.  When they got there, the home was so crowded they couldn't get near it.  Instead of giving up, they crawled on top of the roof, cut a hole in it and lowered their friend inside.
There are multiple things you can get from this story, but the one I am focusing on is the man's relationship with his friends.  It's not just that this man had awesome friends.  Because seriously, let's face it, those are some dedicated bros!  This man had awesome friends because they took him straight to Jesus.  They loved him so much that they risked a lot (embarrassment, injury, rejection, the repercussions of ruining someone's home) to take him to the only one that mattered.  They pointed him straight to Jesus.  That is a community!

When we seek out people to be in community with, we often try way too hard to find those who have similar interests, those who look 'cool' and would be fun to go out with, or those who always tell us we're justified in whatever feelings we have and pat us on the back and say it'll be ok no matter what the situation.  While most of those qualities are fine and fun to have, they don't mean much in regards to real gospel community. The most important, question is, will they point us to Jesus?  When we need it most, will they cut a hole in the roof and lower us down to the only one who can help?

 The great thing is the closer we get to God, the more we are satisfied in the lord alone, the better we are at being a friend.  When you are filling up your spiritual life with Christ instead of using friendships to take what you need, you begin going into those relationships with a mindset to give what others need.  You are there to serve, not be served. To be a light.  When all those around you are doing this same thing, a beautiful representation of the gospel takes place.

I know it isn't easy to reach out past doubts and insecurities, past fears and assumptions, to become part of other people's lives.  My own fears and doubts have affected my relationships for the majority of my life, even when it was obvious that people were right there by my side. Satan would use those doubts to tell me I was unloved or unwanted.  If you are one of those people I am praying for you to find community.  There is no minimum for community relationships and there's also no cap.  I am praying for at least one person to come into your life that can love you enough to point you to Christ.  I am praying for me to love others enough to point them to Christ as well.  Whether there's 3 of you or thirty, I am praying we can stir one another up to love and good works.  (Heb. 10:24)

I can't end today without saying one thing.  I love the community God has given me.  I love the people He gave us to walk along side us during these hard times,  to give encouragement and ask the tough questions, to share time, conversation and hugs, to talk about nothing or talk about everything.  Whether it was taking me to goodwill to rid myself of items that brought difficult memories,  adding 30 lb med ball slams to a workout to get out aggression,  sitting and talking over countless bowls of cheese dip, sending prayer and comfort through text,  or creating a space to hang out and talk about all the other parts of life because this bomb did not define me, my community showed me Hope and pointed me closer to He who gives it. 

**if you're interested in reading more about being intentional about gospel community my friend has dedicated her 31 days to that subject.  It's good stuff!

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