Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2 timothy 1:7

Good evening, late evening, but good nonetheless.  It's such a blessing to be able to say that.  I know when you look deeply good can be found in all things because God is in all things and works all the things into good for me, His daughter, but actually being able to feel that goodness without looking too deeply is almost too much goodness for my heart to handle.  When His goodness feels so near the surface that bubbling out is eminent, who am I deserve such a feeling.  Did I say the word goodness to many times!?  Sorry I just couldn't help myself.

  I know the other side all to well.  The side where you have to search and search to find Him, not because He's gone anywhere but because I have or because I'm in unfamiliar territory that I've never let Him into and am stumbling around in the darkness searching for the light. But tonight I feel that goodness and mercy that follows me all of my life and I want to savor.

   As I share this weekly identity verse that tells me whose I am and what I am because of it, I pray that it not only helps me on my journey but encourages you on whatever path God is sending you down.  

Because I am struggling to love and because I constantly struggle with fear it is good to know that 

for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control

God has given us every spiritual blessing through Christ and of those blessings, FEAR is not included.  It's not of God.  He didn't give fear to me.  I was tempted with it and fell to it and then took it on my own to coddle and let seep into my heart and throughout my life.  It's a guest that has been around so long I don't even bat an eye when it runs next to me and holds my hand on my day to day adventures subtly and not so subtly veering me down other roads.  But God didn't give me that and not only didn't He give it to me but He gave me other things instead. things that when held make fear disappear.

He gave me power, and He gave me love and He gave me self control.  The spirit within me, gifted by my heavenly father through Jesus Christ alone, gives me power over fear, love to fill up the space and the control to never pick it up again.  

It's right there for me to have while I abide in Him and it moves me onward, ever onward, to the next steps of being deeper in His presence and farther along on the journey.

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