Wednesday, June 22, 2016

a project for hope

Rejoice in the Lord alone.
Hope in the Lord alone.
Rest in the Lord alone.
Be satisfied in the Lord alone.

One text message, four sentences, and a spiritual awakening that might never be topped in my lifetime.  Though I pray that God will see fit to continue to grow my heart, mind, and spirit in leaps and bounds, even if He doesn’t, this was enough.

No two people will have the same story, even in the most similar of circumstances.  We are exquisite individuals created for unique purposes and thus the lives we live must be unique as well.  All of the road began from birth is a series of hard and lovely  God’s design is for each of us specifically and all of us together and it is my firm belief that we are all learning the same lessons just in a million different ways while our Sovereign Father speaks straight to the heart of all of them using the same Truths.  

I know very little about the medical field but I do know that flat lining is pretty much the worst thing that can happen.  When it does occur, buzzers go off and lots of highly trained people move around in a necessary flurry to do all the things they have been trained to do to keep said thing that is happening from continuing to happen.

On this earth we will see joys and failures, experience elation and devastation, and convince ourselves more than once that these individual moments are what define us, are what are important, are the reason we live.  In these times, no matter how serious or frivolous they may seem, there is Hope, a promise of redemption, a promise of renewed heart and being molded into the ultimate goal of the likeness of Christ.

Hope, in the world’s eyes, can seem so much like a wish.  Like a desire for something that might never be, might never come to fruition, and then all that is left is a longing that won’t be filled or a yearning now pressed down deep in an attempt to be forgotten.  Oh how I {hope} this might happen or that might happen.  We live our lives hoping for things that might never come true, that might never be, because our hope is not real, it’s not set upon a Truth that never fails.

Hope, true biblical Hope, is unfailing.  It is the eternal rest in His promises, in God’s promises, that will stay with you through the next thing and the next thing and the next, pouring into your heart, building up your faith, and drawing you into deeper relationship with Him.  It is excitedly anticipating the fulfillment of God’s future blessing for you, His child, while living a life this side of heaven.  It is beauty given to us, but it is also, so often in our view during our hardest experiences, unreachable.

I want to share how to search Hope out, where to find it and how to reach out and cling to it and when you inevitably let go how it never lets go of you.

Hope is there to cling to because things happen in life that require us to need that Hope in which to cling, need that Hope to wrap it’s arms around us when we can’t hold on any longer.  Becoming a child of God does not mean you are stepping into a life of easy perfection where everything goes your way and you no longer have a care in the world.  Becoming a child of God means you are living this life with all it’s ups and downs resting in the promise of the Hope God provides.

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